Sunday, 27 October 2013

"I knit so I don't kill people"

Winter is upon us. We don't get an Autumn/Fall in Manchester, we get a soggy and windy pre-Christmas dragged-through-a-hedge arsehole of season chill. This requires knitwear, hats and boots to keep the hair under control and prevent the feet from absorbing enough moisture to service a third world country.

However, there is just too much work and chore in life for adequate time to knit all that is required. I've not had a proper knit/rest for at least two weeks, well, until today. In that time I seem to have hoarded a large amount of mismatched yarn, patterns and equipment with no real vision over what I'm making. I need some order, I need some time, I need a week off work with no need to wash or go anywhere or do anything. In fact I need no job, I need loads of money, a personal trainer, a shop stocked with cascade yarn all of my own, a lottery always ends with a lottery win doesn't it? Either that or a fantasy involving winning the This Morning competition.

Anyway, back in the reality of my bedroom (because I don't use the room I have dedicated to craft and suitcases full of unworn clothing) I have decided to knit the Jared Flood/Brooklin Tweed Rosebud hat, the bigger version. It's the most complicated looking pattern I've tried so far but it's actually fairly simple. 

Rosebud by Jared Flood
The cable is big but very easy to do. The only problem I'm having is with the sore fingertips from pushing the stitches around the circular needles. Here's how It's looking so far:

Plain old garter stitch 

Cable just forming

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