Sunday, 28 September 2014



I ordered a knitting kit from We Are Knitters as I liked the pattern so much, despite being somewhat against knitting kits. I align them with buying something off the hook that everyone else is buying, but I wanted that damn pattern so I found a discount code and got me one. I ordered the colour of wool that 90% of people seem to order so I can just about shut up about knitting kits and admit they are a great way into knitting garmets.

Here's the kit. The needles are divine to knit with, the pattern is patchy in translation from Spanish.

Started with an easy rib, the cotton has a lovely silk sheen.

Progress was slow to begin with but the moss stitch is really beautiful in the aquamarine. It's so much easier to knit something nice to look at.

This is the turning point. Ten rows off changing stitch..

..and when I got there, eyelet stitch defeated me around 7 times. It is a very very easy stitch but you have to concentrate to ensure the yarn forwards are all carried out. I learned that you can't rip back one row of eyelet stitch (well, I can 't!). Anything with K2tg seems impossible to go backwards with so I repeatedly ripped back to the foundation row and started again and again, sometimes I was ten rows in and the whole thing got hurled across the room. Regardless, perseverance and perfectionism pays off. A quiet room is a must.

One side finished and an exact copy to make next. It was a joy to lay out and touch.

After sewing both sides together, picking stitches up on the arms holes was fairly easy. Unfortunately, I misjudged the size/number of stitches the first time and had to start again. I repeated my mistake on the left arm 4 times. As you can see, it's still a little smaller than the right but nothing a bit of blocking can't sort out.

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